Anyone remotely familiar with the history of deep-vee racing boats will know the name of Renato “Sonny” Levi as one of the founding fathers of true performance boat design today. One of his most famous, race-winning designs is brought back to life in the Levi Corsair. If searching for the best at sea and a true a “work of art”, the Corsair represents the pinnacle of high speed cruising with unmatched pride of ownership.

The 8punto5 which is a RIB like no other with not only exquisite detailing but is also the last hull designed by Levi himself. With that comes one of the most capable hulls ever seen on a RIB, offering both stunning performance and ultimate comfort of ride. It also features a customisable deck layout to suit a range of applications including superyacht tender.

Both boats are built by a small team of traditional craftsmen near Venice to the most classic values and exacting standards. Levi boats symbolise the antithesis of today’s “samey” market place – to own one is to fall in love with the passion and history of the their unique heritage.

What the experts say

Quite simply sensational. One of the most beautiful boats on the water.

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